Mercedes SLK230

My blinker on the Mercedes SLK230 passengers side is working only when it wants to …soemtimes if I leave the blinker on it will come on after a few mintues sometimes it won’t …does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to get this fixed?

Presuming you would rather not take all left hand turns for the remainder of your ownership of this fine car, I suggest taking it to a trusted mechanic.

Most likely a loose bulb.

I recently heard that delivery businesses plan driver’s routes to take mostly right hand turns because of the right-turn-on-red law in most places.

I’m blond, are you?

I would start by checking (or just replacing) all the bulbs. It’s probably not the blinker relay if it’s only one side not working. It could be the lever assembly or something else, but my fist guess would be a bulb (maybe just loose).

I second Craig’s suggestion. Replace all the turn signal lamps including those that have dual functions on that side, or maybe both sides. They are not that expensive and may well be the problem.

You talk like a blonde…and no I’m not thank goodness I feel sorry for you.

You have another thread going saying that the SRS light is on steady.

It should be obvious to you that you have electrical current problems in your steering column.

These problems will not go away, and could cause further problems that are expensive to fix.

Make an appointment and have the car fixed. The sooner the better.


My advice: Buy a Chevy.

your problem is probably a little box under the dash on the drivers side that controls the turn signal and it probably has a loose connection on the inside of the box that needs to be resoldered.hit a bump turn signal works hit another bump turn signal doesn’t work.sound familiar?

No, the correct response is a 10 year old Corolla or Prism.