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Mercedes glc

Hi everyone. I’m driving Mercedes GLC 300. It seems to me that since last service ( when they rotated all tires) it started to make a short lived “clunking” noise that is commin from a driver side. It only happens right after start the very first time I go above 30 miles per hour and will never hear it again unless I turn off the engine and start driving again. It looks that it is unrelated to the gear I’m using - I can hear it driving on D3 or D5. I would really appreciate if anyone can explain what that sound is. Thanks.

Check the LUG NUTS and ASAP! They may have forgotten to tighten all of them. Also check the passenger side ones because sometimes sounds from the front end can sound like they are coming from the wrong side. If you can’t figure it out, TAKE IT BACK TO WHERE THIS WAS DONE AND FAST! This could be a significant safety issue for you or others on the road.

My parents own this same car and like it. They have had a few issues and recalls but nothing like this sound. Again, it could be a safety issue so get it checked ASAP!

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Take it back.

Anytime you hear any kind of noise when the tires are removed and reinstalled, you want to make sure a tire isn’t about to fall off.

“You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel!”


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