Noise Toyota Corolla 2016

After having my oil changed and tires rotated, I have noticed an odd noise. On the passenger’s side there’s a click clank noise as if something is loose when that tire goes over bumps. It comes from the passenger side near the front tire, the underside of the vehicle. The noise only happens if the passenger side tire hits the bumps. Anybody have any ideas?

First, get out the lug wrench and make sure that the guy who rotated the tires was not interrupted in the middle and he forgot to tighten the lug nuts.

If they are tight, I may think that you have a bad ball joint,
This should be checked out ASAP. If ignored, you could lose a wheel on the highway.
Don’t let that scare you. You just started hearing it, but don’t ignore it.


If it’s not the lug nuts, I have to drive it an hour to get it to a shop (small town where there isn’t a mechanic). I know every situation is different, but do you think that might be too far to drive it?

You just started hearing it, so I think if it’s looked at soon you will be fine.

Most people put up with the noise for weeks and may go 500 to 1000 miles in that time.


Supposedly it’s the upper front strut and mount that needs to be replaced. The car is only three years old. Odd?