Mercedes dragged out of the way to steal garaged 2016 BMW 238i with key inside

Along with all of the governors going back to the 1980s when there were two cold snaps.

I live in Indiana which many people outside of Indiana think of us as a backward state. Well, our electrical power company is really looking ahead. I got involved with our power company with an incentive program for the church I attend. Four years ago, we got $6.00 for each four foot fluorescent tube we removed. I bought four foot LED tubes for $6.95 apiece. I rewired 36 light fixtures with four bulbs in each fixture and removed the ballast transformers. I haven’t had to replace that first LED tube. Before I replaced the fluorescent tubes, I was out at least once a month changing tunes and half the time replacing a ballast coil.
Once a year, I have been invited to a breakfast put on by our power company. I am amazed at the incentives offered to industry for new equipment to cut its energy costs. When the presenter had each representative talk about how participants in the incentive programs had saved energy, I said “I am not sure how much electrical energy we have saved as a small operation, but I have saved a lot of my personal energy not having to be up on a ladder each month servicing fluorescent light fixtures”.
To keep this car related, Studebakers were made in Indiana and STUDEBAKER WAS FIRST BY FAR WITH A POSTWAR CAR in the summer of 1946 with its 1947 models. We Hoosiers aren’t so backward.

Northern Indiana is too close to Chicago. Southern Indiana is too close to Kentucky. I suppose central Indiana might be ok.

I’m sure the folks in Indianapolis appreciate your “compliment”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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$2.419 for regular unleaded last night at a BP in St. Louis.

Yep Missouri always had cheaper fuel. I’d always make sure to fill up with diesel before leaving the state.

Back when it was $5 a gallon I would fill up every day. I used to joke that it was dollar cost averaging 'cause you never knew what the price would be. Some days would cost me $25 and other days $20.


Can we please not go any further with the red/blue political thing? Thanks.

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I honestly didn’t notice the color contrast when I posted it. It was merely intended as a comment on Texas’ rapidly-changing desire for Federal involvement, and I thought of it as a statement of fast-changing attitudes, not a political statement.

Thieves that steal a wrecker to then steal and haul away a BMW aren’t very smart. If I was in the burglar business, I would stop after stealing the wrecker. The wrecker is probably worth more than the BMW.


Kinda reminds me of that old depression era wheelbarrow story.

Only if you don’t use the wrecker to steal a lot of cars.

There are people who buy/steal quick-pick towtrucks that can snatch a car in under a minute. They go around car shopping and steal whatever they want, several per day. Kind of the perfect cover, since someone stealing a car with a quick-pick truck looks pretty much exactly like someone repossessing a car with a quick-pick truck.


I can’t believe how policed this site is. You can’t say anything or deviant off any subject. This is America?

There is a widespread misconception regarding First Amendment rights.
Amendment #1 states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion… or abridging the freedom of speech… or of the press, or…”

A private entity–be it Car Talk, or Facebook, or Twitter, or anything else that is non-governmental in nature can set its own rules/Terms of Service–without violating anyone’s constitutional rights.


I for one, appreciates @cdaquila trying to keep this board about automobiles and certainly away from politics. I will confess to having gotten off the subject about cars and into computers and lawnmowers, although lawnmowers have engines and computers have search engines.


Maybe you should read the Forum rules again . Carolyn very seldom uses her Thors Hammer when she should let things slide.


This is a PRIVATE entity. I’ve FIRED people working for me for their language (sexual harassment). But the government will not arrest you for saying those same things out in public or you own home.

You should really try to understand the constitution before you start quoting it.


It frequently amazes me when I hear comments from people who are talking about rights that they think are contained in The US Constitution.


Oh boy. I didn’t start this. I have a copy of the Constitution on my desk as well as the Declaration, and other works by the framers. Mr. VDC has lectured us in the past on the 1st Amendment and he is correct that this deals with the government disallowing speech. Of course we don’t mention the part about the government prohibiting the free assembly or the practice of religion which has been done through “emergency powers” for the past year. At any rate, this misses the point. Of course Car Talk has the authority to limit whatever they want and we can lump it or leave it. The framers though saw the free flow of information and opinions as a mandatory check on power. What we have now is a small number of powerful organizations that are able to promote or unpromote certain ideas, opinions, and language they don’t agree with. This monopoly or oligarchy is what is being alluded to and needs to be dealt with the sooner the better.

@steveng never mentioned the Constitution just alluded to the frustration of not being able to say certain things. But this is not the appropriate place to discuss the Constitution and VDC should have been flagged and Mike too. But I rarely flag.

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I didn’t say anything when I saw @steveng’s post because you all are free to criticize the site. There are those who like the no-politics thing and those who don’t. I have gotten stricter than I used to be because political talk makes it a lot more unpleasant here, and there are many, many places to go argue about these things. And maintaining focus on cars (and in limited situations, other things with engines) it allows us to maintain some degree of unique identity from those other sites. But I’m still not that strict.

On the other hand, I don’t shut things down at the very first mention because after all these years I still hold out hope that it’s better if people can regulate themselves, so they don’t have to have the choice to say something taken from them. If you steer the convo away from politics, I don’t have to. Plus—just because you can say something here, does that really mean you should?

Also, @Bing, I don’t know whether you feel it’s ungentlemanly to flag, but if things seem to run afoul of the rules, please do so.

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