Car Marked For Stealing

My son woke up at 3:30am to get water. He looked out the window and saw that his car cover had blown most of the way off. When he went outside to put the cover back on he noticed an X made of masking tape on the driver’s window. This was not there the night before. He called the police and moved the car into the garage. Has anyone heard of this before?

No, I haven’t heard of this, but Honda Civics have been high on the theft list for years.

Where does your son live? What did the police say?

You seem very worried about your son’s Civic. Am I missing something?

If he has the option of parking in “the garage,” why is he parking outside and covering the car? Seems like a lot of extra work to me.

Could be anything. Neighbor kids messing with him or his friends. Could also be something more nasty. I agree with MC, if he can park in the garage to begin with, then marked or not marked he should do it.

The illiterate Zorro strikes again.

If I was going to steal you car I wouldn’t take the time to put a masking tape X on it . . . I’d jimmy the door, pull the lock cylinder and fire it up. Didn’t you ever see "Gone in Sixty Seconds? " Seriously . . it’s either a prank or maybe a mark by parking officials or something. Put the car in the garage and forget about it. Rocketman