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'UNM No. 1 in stolen autos' We’re #1! We’re #1!

My daughter had her car stolen at USC Columbia about 4 years ago. We found it for the police using OnStar. The police were of little help. The criminals stole electronics from her house and then took the car to carry the stuff away. Her keys were on the kitchen counter. The police said the usual pattern is to steal electronics and fence it in Atlanta. Clemson is on the way to Atlanta and it isn’t surprising that there are auto thefts there too. If UNM parkers have OnStar or a similar system, it could be useful to retrieve the stolen cars.

If I was a car thief I’d certainly look for something to steal in a University parking lot. Lot’s of busy owners with lots of nifty electronics and no safe place to store them, lots of distracted drivers, lots of young drivers who haven’t developed self protective reflexes yet.

I live in an “inner city”(17 years). Used to live in a very nice suburb (6 years), and before that in the country (20 years). My house has been broken into 3 times in my life, once in the country and twice in the suburbs. Never in the city. My car has been broken into twice that I can remember, once in the country and once in the city. Every time, every single time, without hesitation, the police have blamed people from the nearest big city. Never people from the same place where the car or house was. I’m beginning to think the police haven’t got a clue, except to try and place the blame elsewhere.

I still get a laugh out of a hand lettered sign in the rear window of an old Honda Civic beater I walked by in the bank parking lot.

“Car is not locked, radio has already been stolen, please don’t break another window”


Unfortunately that encourages some. A friend found all 4 tires punctured once.

In Austin TX, there was a serial tire slasher who became known as the Hyde Park tire slasher because that’s where he did all his tire slashing. The cops pretty much knew who it was because whenever he was in jail, the tire slashing stopped, but they couldn’t prove it. He was caught red handed finally and then the real break was when this idiot insisted on being his own attorney. He brought up stuff that made the fact that the slashing spree quit whenever he was in jail relevant to the case and admissible. He got a ten year sentence.

When I tried to open the link, all I got was an ad for a $10 newspaper subscription.

To my link? I don’t know that the article is worth reading. I posted it for the headline and cited the source for authentication. You won’t learn much from reading it if you aren’t parking at UNM - in which case you don’t need to.