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Mercedes Benz Transmission Mounts

I have a 1999 E300 turbo diesel that needs new transmission mounts based on reply’s on this forum for a rattling noise upon acceleration. How difficult of a job is this? I can not find any hayne’s or chilton’s manual to guide me through it. Any pointers or suggestions appreciated. Where to find step by step instructions would also be helpful. Novice mechanic asking.

The difficulty depends on which mounts are bad and where they are located. I doubt this is DIY job. It will need the car up on a lift, and some support jacks and likely some special equipment that a professional would have, but a DIY would need to rent.

Before proceeding on this job you need to get some pro’s to look the car over, identify the bad mount(s) and give you an estimate to make the repairs. Mounts often aren’t too expensive (MB parts could be different) but labor to change them out can be costly.