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Rattling noise in center consold/gear shifterwhen accelerating

1999 Mercedes E300 turbo diesel with 175K that has an annoying rattling noise when accelerating. You can feel and hear noise in center console and gear shifter. After weeks of looking for loose screws, bolts, etc. I noticed it only does it when accelerating. I feel nothing in pedal just hear a rattling noise in console area. As soon as you take foot off pedal it goes away. Cruising on level land it rides quiet as a mouse. Nothing major but it is annoying. Any ideas?

Engine or transmission mount? Dry-rotted bushings? Or is it loose plastic interior panels? Sympathetic vibration to the engine vibration?

Is there a way I can check to confirm if engine or transmission mounts and how difficult are they to replace? I was actualy thinking transmission mounts also but just guessing. Novice mechanic wondering.