2001 Dodge Neon Motor Mount Replacement

According to a local mechanic, all the motor mounts on my car need replacing and the cost to do it is not worth spending on a car like mine. Is it possible to replace them ourselves at home? I know it’s labor intensive and special tools are involved but it seems our only option. My husband has made many repairs on my car himself already and is ready to take on the task himself of it’s possible. Can anyone help?

Why do they all need to be replaced, any symptoms of trouble? Some mounts are very easy to replace and some are very difficult, even on the same vehicle. Mount replacement does not usually require any special tools beyond standard hand tools and a floor jack. IF the mounts require changing, I am sure your husband could replace at least one of them, saving you money at the shop. Chances are he could do them all without too much pain. Does he own a Haynes manual or anything like that for the vehicle? A quick glance at a repair manual will tell him whether or not he want to take on the task.

The car has been doing some serious vibrating at idle for months. Recently, a constant whistle that can get loud started. We had one motor mount replaced a few months ago by the mechanic that is now saying they all need replacing. He said that because the vibration hadn’t stopped completely it destroyed not only the old mounts but the new one, too. My husband does have a Haynes manual and it’s been his bible on everything he’s done so far (brakes, fuel pump, oil changes, etc)since we haven’t been able to afford a mechanic. He also has a 2.5 ton floor jack. The main concern has been whether the engine has to be lifted out of the car and how he would do that without an engine crane or something.

Assuming that your 2001 Neon is similar to the 1995 Neon we had, replacing the motor mounts should be something you can do at home. If memory serves me correctly there are three of them – two of which are very accessible. Not sure about the third. I replaced the front motor mount in our '95 with no great problem using just basic tools. A typical arrangement in passenger sedans is three mounts – one on each side of the Engine and one in front.

Why not send your husband out to take a look at the job? The only specialized tools required are wheel ramps (or jack stands but they aren’t as safe) if the front mount has to be accessed from under the car. He should NEVER even think about working under a car supported only by a jack.

And he’ll need a decent floor jack to support the engine while he is removing and replacing each mount. You replace them one at a time of course. And be careful not to accidentally punch a hole in the radiator if the front mount has to be accessed from above.