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Mercedes 560sl shocks

i need to replace shocks on my 1986 mercedes 560sl.Which are the best. I’m looking at bilstein vs monroe sensatrac

I’ve had excellent results with Bilstein.

to texases…thanks.experience helps.heavy duty or a different type?

If you have options, get the most ‘standard’ type you can get. The web site lists the the ‘comfort’ model for the rear axle and the HD model for the front axle - confusing. You might contact Bilstein to get this explained. While it’s been years, I think I went for the more standard version for my GTI, it improved both the ride and control.

I have Konis on my Mustang, I love them, they’re adjustable as well

Konis are great, too. Tirerack has nonadjustable one for the SL for $121 each. One other brand is Sachs. I’d stick with a German brand, if it were me.

Edit - Sachs is now Sachs-Boge, which I think were the OEM suppliers for your car. I put a set of Boge shocks/struts on my '79 Scirocco, were very happy with them, too.

You can also get some very good comments on an SL forum board, from folks with direct experience with your model.

I run Bilstein H/D on all four corners. The Heavy Duty gives just the right amount of rebound and control for that car. The Comforts tend to drift and sway just a tad too much. If you want harsh go for the Koni’s adjusted to max firm. Ouch.

If you’re having them installed plan 3 to 4 hours labor. Fronts a fairly easy, rears… well not so much. This means even at an Indy you’re looking at $700+ for the job. A dealer will be north of $1100 for four shocks installed.
It could be a heavy DIY job. Depending on your tools, talent and time it could be worth it.