Replacement shocks for 2004 SUV

My 2004 Dodge Durango has 75K miles and is close to needing replacement shocks.

My question is what is the best shock to put in? Is the Dodge OEM shock the best solution or am I better served with a different shock from another source.

I want good performing shocks for the.

Dodge OEM shocks are probably good…but they are also very very expensive. I’ve always been able to find as good or better shocks then OEM for about half the price.

As for brand…I’ve been using KYB or Blistein. I’m currently running Blistein on my 4runner…Excellent shock…So far so good. I like the ride of Monroe/Rancho for the first 2-3 years…but then the ride becomes very stiff. The shocks never failed…just that the ride wasn’t what it use to be. Never had that problem with KYB/Koni or Blistein.


My Dealer wants
$575 for new shocks without the alignment. Plus I am never happy when they do suspension work.

When searching the web for recommendations, I see Bilstein quite often with positive feedback.

Did you us the HD model?

I put a set of Bilsteins on my Suburban, they worked very well, but they were having a great sale at the time, something like $60 each (I installed them). Go to, you can see what they have for your truck. If you’re just doing street driving, don’t go for the ‘heavy duty’ versions, it’ll make the ride hard. But I don’t know if “HD” is the more heavy duty version for Bilstein. Also, if these are shocks and not struts, you won’t need an alignment.

No I don’t own the HD. In fact not sure they even made one for my truck. Usually only for the larger full-size SUVs or pickups.