Shock Absorbers

I have a personal fleet of Crown Victorias (1994) and Grand Marquis (1996 & 1997). I love these cars and am always looking for good deals.

We just recently changed the shocks on the 94 – not a big job once we got a 12"sawsall blade and an swivelled boxed end with ratchet.

Now for my question: What is the best shock to get? Motorcraft, Gabriel, Monroe…?



If you want THE BEST, get the FACTORY P71 shocks (cop car). Shocks made to replace the HPP equipped cars are pretty good to…Sometimes called “touring package”…With shocks, you generally get what you pay for…

Yes, aren’t those rear shocks fun to change??? I have a fleet of them too, two P-71’s and a LX. For Western travel, there is nothing like them…

 [b] What is the best shock to get[/b] 

 Please give us YOUR definition of best!

I don’t know if they are the best, but I’ve been happy with Monroe Sensatrac shocks on my 93 Caprice.

Ed B.

If you want the best get adjustable Konis. I don’t know if they make shocks for CVs though. But if you fancy better handling and you don’t think that $200 is too much to pay for a shock absorber, you’d be hard pressed to do better. I’ve heard good things about the Edlebrock IAS shocks as well

Thanks for the response. So you are recommending Motorcraft replacements? Others have also said the same but for some reason I thought the after market shocks would be BETTER.

Motorcraft it is.

i am using that Motorcraft replacement for almost 3 months. I can say that it has the best quality so far for me. Aftermarket shock absorber is also good but base on my experience Motorcraft is a lot better.