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Melissa the twerp

In episode 1421, Tom reads Melissa the twerp’s great letter. In episode 1440, she calls in and Tom says “This is the second time we’ve spoken with you”. In what episode did Tom and Ray first speak with her? I thought I heard it once, but now I can’t find it. (I’m not thinking of the later show where she co-hosted).

hmmm … that’s a tough one. The thing is, show 1421 is the 21st week of 2014. But that’s not when that call was first broadcast, Car Talk being in new-and-improved re-run mode now. If you click on “our show” at the top-left of this page, you should see a link for the show archives, and you can go through those looking at the summaries, eventually you’ll find what you are looking for. If you feel lucky you could try the main Car Talk page search feature too.