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Help remembering an episode?

I know a lot of you know all the episodes like the back of your hands… so,

I’m trying to remember which episode had a letter in it where the writer said what Car Talk was all about. I believe the writer said that the show was really all about life and that cars were a red herring. Click and Clack got real quiet after reading it, chuckled a little and then went on.

Anyone remember which one that was?


No idea, but best I remember it was ‘about’ …an hour long :slight_smile:

I recall the letter and will post here if I find it. I believe it was one of the replies to Melissa Peterson, pointing that she was too young to fully appreciate CarTalk because it is more a show about relationships than about cars.

I did come across this Mother’s Day episode #1319, which is a good listen as we all remember Tom.

Is it #1436 The Spaceman Cometh (Aired on Sept 6), minute 18-21:30?