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How can I find part of a specific show on the CarTalk website?

3 months ago, around Christmastime, Tommy reread a letter on the show because it had a “Christmas connection”. The letter was from a mechanic who, with his coworkers, played a practical joke on their boss who was bragging incessantly about the great gas mileage he was getting on his car. Slowly, steadily, they added gas to his tank until he was giddy with his good fortune – the gas mileage was FABULOUS. Then, they reversed the process, steadily siphoning gas; his gas mileage slowly fell off, he quit bragging, then became downright depressed, then he found out what they’d done, then he made them work 12 hours on Christmas Eve. Hilarious. Plus, Tommy was laughing so hard he could barely get through it.

You should be able to find that one since you know about when it aired. Click “Our Show” at the top-left of this page, then click “Browse Shows”. You should see a list of all shows for the past few years. You can view the web page for each show one by one from that list. For each one, click on the link “View Call Details” for a list of all the calls. You should eventually find the one you want. To listen to it, you’ll have to use Itunes and pay a small fee, as only the most recent show is available as a podcast via the NPR podcast page. (You might luck out and find the very call you are interested in is offered as a clip; look for it under “best moment” or some such link on the web page for that particular show.)