Mechanical problems

i accidentally spilled water all on my boyfriends steering wheel and radio and now his radio is changing volume by itself and his voice command comes on by itself as well. anyone know how he can fix it without costing him anything? thanks!

If you’re lucky, when it dries out completely, everything will work normally.

Why would it cost him anything, you did it?

i would obviously pay for it but would rather not.

That steering wheel might have to be removed and if someone has no idea what they are doing the airbag could cause severe injury . You need a shop .

A hair dryer should speed up the drying process and do no harm - considering how hot the interior of a car gets in the summer.


Nope… That’s a Fairy Tale, all repairs cost something.


nope… thats a fairy tale, a fuse busted in his car and cost his $0 :woman_shrugging:t3:

What did he do ? steal it.
Somebody paid for the fuse.


I would dry out the steering wheel switches with compressed air. You probably do not have an air compressor so try using your vacuum cleaner with the smallest hose attachment to draw the water from the switches and radio.

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uh no my dad pulled out the busted fuse wire