Radio problem

Hello everybody,

There is a problem in radio of my 2008 Hyundai Sonata. The radio display illuminates but does not display anything. But sometimes it displays ok magically then again problem appears. All the buttons are working and sound is ok.

But, a week ago radio stopped working at all. When i press on/off button, nothing happens. Only once in 2-3 days it works for some hours then again turns off.

Thanks in advance

I would go to and check out their radios. You can usually buy a new one for the same or lower cost than getting your radio repaired. Just make sure it’s one with plug and play connectors. The days of “cutting and splicing” in a radio are gone forever.

I’ll second the “chuck it and install a new one” recommendation. Unless you have one of the booby-trapped GM vehicles, there’s usually not a lot of benefit to the factory radio over the ones available in the aftermarket, and getting the old one repaired is likely to be every bit as expensive as replacing it. The only gotchas happen when the radio has remote controls on the steering wheel (none of which are supported by aftermarket units in my experience) or when the vehicle manufacturer has thoughtfully moved some non-radio function into the radio itself, as GM has done. I’m not familiar with any such shenanigans from Hyundai; they seem unlikely to be in the business of intentionally pissing off their customers for no good reason.

im with the other two. replacing the radio is not only probably more cost efficient but almost every time sound better and louder along with having cool extra features. also if you have a steering wheel remote allot of time it can be adapted to a new radio with a pac module for around 30$ give or take some if the radio you buy supports it and your willing to program or have someone program it

Many thanks for your advices, guys. A new radio costs around 400-500 USD. i think it would be cheaper to repair it rather than buying a new one. Today i have replaced audio fuse and radio works now. But still display shows nothing.

Before you do that, dive behind the dash with a flashlight and check the connections going into the radio. There should be a wide wiring harness that goes into a wide plastic plug - sometimes that will slip partially out and cause symptoms like you had at first. Then after a time it will slip all the way out and kill the radio entirely. Sometimes vibrations from driving will wiggle it and make it connect again briefly, but it won’t be reliable. If that’s what’s happened here, just plug it back in until it locks and you should be good to go.

Be careful back there though - it’s not designed as a place for customers to go, and so metal edges on things will be very sharp. It’s very easy to cut yourself.

in order to reach those wiring harness, should i uninstall the radio totally. like in this video