AC and wipers not working

Have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. The steering coupler on these are a piece of rubber and go bad. So ours went bad after 120K miles.
I changed the part and everything is back together. Now my AC and wipers aren’t working.
I checked all connectors and seems like they are all fine.
Changed the fuse for the AC and no go. The wiper fuse is different, so I don’t even think that is the problem.
I am at a loss, other than taking it to the dealer.

Any suggestions on what else to look for. Don’t have the wiring diagram to narrow it down either.

Look for a ground wire you knocked loose.

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Other than checking the fuses, hard to be of much help w/out access to the wiring diagram. Have you tried Googling for it? Have you checked you got power on both sides of the fuses? I expect somehow you’ve inadvertently disconnected the power to the common point that powers both of those circuits.

Google has a few people with the same issue but nobody has posted the resolution.
I checked all the fuses, they are good.
The fuses under the hood all get power.
The fuses in the kick panel, for AC and wipers don’t have any power.

Can this be a bad ignition switch?
Also, I am uneducated about fusible links, so not sure if that might be it.

Going to take the car to a mechanic tomorrow, but just want to have an idea esp since one poster online was quoted 1200 to change the whole fuse box.

It seems strange that everything worked before you did the work and now the a/c and wipers dont. something is not connected properly. when you lowered the column were their any wires under the steering column that when you lowered the column it could of put pressure on those wires and unplugged a connector. I seen a video of someone doing the same job on that vehicle and an pretty sure I remember him saying that their was wires that the column hit when he lowered it down. just a thought.

I disconnected everything as per online videos. Now can something be pulled/cut inside, sure. I guess that is the question.

I’m seeing a 25 A fuse for the windshield wiper circuit. And a 10 A for the wiper itself. Do you have power on both sides of both fuses? Either side of either fuse?

Thanks for the follow-up.
I believe those are the fuses under the hood that did have power.
The 7.5 amp & 2.5 amp fuses in the kick panel did not have power when I tested.
I gave up and dropped off the car at the dealer. They have been “working” on it for 2 days and still no answer. I think with a wiring diagram, tracing 12 volt backwards should not be that difficult.

I wish I had a solution to post, but no.
Dealer worked on the car, or at least had it for a few days. They were going to charge me by the hour. But, they couldn’t figure it out. They confirm that the fuses for the HVAC and Wiper in the kickpanel only have ground but not power. They blame “aftermarket” stuff that is there.
Problem is, the only thing I have added is a reverse monitor that doesn’t have anything to do with the fuse panel. Just a straight wire from the reverse light to the front monitor that sits on top of the dash.
They say the previous owner had other stuff attached to the back of the fuse box. When we bought the car, it was 2 yrs old with 20K miles. It was a lease return. I have a hard time believing the previous owner had time to add much.
They told me to take it to a stereo shop or some other place. They didn’t want my stinking money either.
Anyway, now on the drive back, the airbag light came on. I called the dealer and they tell me after I fix the other stuff they will fix the SRS.

So, it seems I have a junkyard car on my hand. Not sure whether it is worth it to take it to another shop. You think it is simple just to wire a +ve to the wipers and HVAC.

Those two fuses are powered by the orange wire from the ignition switch, cavity # 2. Power is supplied to the ignition switch on the green wire, cavity # 1. One of these wires may have been pulled loose while working on the steering column.

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Thanks, that is the info I think I can use.
We went back today and the airbag light is fixed. It was the clock spring, under extended warranty.
I asked them to check the ignition switch, wiring a few times as that has been my suspicion, but they assured me that the problem is not there-they are basing this on the car starting fine.
I am working this weekend, but will try to check the ignition switch over the next few days.
Thanks again.

Thanks @Nevada_545
I opened things up again. The dealer work was definitely not good. All the screws for the panels except one was missing. I had my doubt about the ignition connector and had mentioned that a few times. They told me it checked out ok and they even swapped a harness from a good car and didn’t fix it.
Low and behold, one of the pins on the connector (6 pronged) was bent and not making contact. It was actually a bit shorting with the connector next to it. Seems like someone else had been there before my work since when I checked with another friend, I was missing the cover for the connector too.
Everything is up and running.
Thanks all.

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