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Electrical whiper fluid issue

I recently brought this 2013 Hyundai sonata and came to find out that my windshield washer fluid didn’t work. I thought it was the pump at 1st and replaced it. Thant didn’t work. Then 1 day I hit my horn and the fluid was shooting out.there is obviously some kind of wiring problem but I dont know where to look. It only works when the horn is pressed and the horn also has probably half the sound it should have. The 2 sets of wires also run on opposite sides of the car from each other and then disappear into the firewall on the 1 line I can actually see.
If someone could help me narrow down where to look so I’m not tearing apart my whole car it would be greatly appreciated

Oh @VDCdriver spelling calling.

I would start by looking at the common places like the multi-function stalk, the wiring in the steering wheel and the wires running down the column. You really need the schematic though to take a look at the wire scheme. A horn though works by simply grounding out. I really think you just want to have a shop take a look especially since the steering wheel involves the air bag. Now I once had the 4-way flashers go on anytime the signal light worked. Turned out it was a hole in the exhaust that melted wires together. I had hit a rock or something a couple days before. The shop couldn’t find it but I did myself. So any unusual events?

Nothing out of the ordinary that I have witnessed but the car was in an accident before I bought it as the airbag light is still on. When i replaced the pump i followed the line as far as i could and i didnt notice anything out of the ordinary. I also didn’t do a meticulous inspection either. I guessing your probably right about it being in the steering column just going to need those schematics though.
Thank you for you help I do appreciate it.

I wonder if there is a bad ground and the horn and washer pump share the same ground. The horn probably draws more current than the windshield washer pump so it works although as you suggest, not at full volume. The washer pump can’t overcome the resistance at the point where it is grounded to the chassis.

The right side horn shares the ground with the washer pump. It is described only as being located on the right side of the engine compartment. Follow the ground wire from the right side horn to see if you can find the ground location.

I dtried to check for the ground wire without any luck yet. It started raining so I had to call it a day. But from what I saw the wires from the horn bundle up with all the other wiring then does into the fuse box. There was a set of 2 wires the spit off from the rest and went under the battery that I thought was it but it just went to a plastic connector then off into the wheel kind of looked like something for the brakes. I’ll keep looking tomorrow hopefully. Also now the horn doesnt work but still sprays the washer fluid. I didnt do anything except use the multimeter to find the wires in the center console which I did find and I also checked where I saw some spliced a bunch of wires on the line to the pump. I only check that they matched and no wire showing. So not really sure why the horn stopped.
I was thinking of connecting the wires in the center console so I can get the spray when I need it and then just figure out something for the horn later but I would definitely rather it be fix the best possible way