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McQueen's Bullitt Mustang for sale

Wonder if this iconic Mustang will end up in Jay Leno’s collection. :grin:

Maybe… but a good auction take two to tango!

I have the sense that Jay Leno values the car more than who owned it prior. I doubt he’d pay much more than what a similar 68 Mustang in similar condition would bring. I’m guessing that’s in the $200k range. Still a hefty price, but a lot less than $4M. For comparison the Pawn Star’s tv show Shelby Cobra after a full restoration sold for $130k.

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@George_San_Jose1 That makes sense. I know nothing about car collecting. And, admittedly, personally don’t care about who has owned an item, what movie it was in, etc. What I do find interesting is looking at and learning about vintage vehicles.

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Provenance means a lot to some people; those with the money who wants to one-up the other guys.
I can’t see spending 4 million on a car that would never be driven. I’d rather have a nice Mustang with a few door dings in it.


Brings back good memories. I enjoyed the movie when it came out and a best friend in 1966 in high school had a 66 Mustang fastback, “mags”, 289 HiPo (signified by the background around the “289” badges), solid lifters, 4-speed manual, with factory chrome “trumpet” tailpipes.

We spent many, many hours cruising in that car listening to a Blind Faith 8-track and other tunes.
By the way, I’m still in touch with the friend, he lives nearby in Clearwater and no big surprise, is looking at buying a Mustang. Once in your blood…
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There’s a guy in our building that keeps a newish beautiful yellow Mustang convertible parked near our spot in our under-building garage. It’s covered up most of the year, as he works in some other country. I’ve retied his cover when it has tried to blow off. He has returned and I’ve seen him out in it with the top down and a big smile on his face.

I have a woman who checks our condo and drives our vehicle once in a while when we’re gone. Gives me an idea… I wonder if he needs somebody to drive it around once in a while he’s away and we’re here… :thinking: … Now, how do I get Blind Faith on a smart phone?
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