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Mazda3 (2006 or above) Or Lancer RalliArt 2006?

Hello guys.

So i have this plan to go for something big for power but lower in price. So mostly a used car. I ve been researching for long and cannot come up with a decision yet. I am more of a sedan person and somehow has my eye over Lancer for a long time. But taking into consideration about the power and acceleration, which one would you pick ?

I’d pick the Mazda3 or the mazda speed3 would be closer to what you’re looking for but it was only available with the hatchback body from what i can find, fun to drive but also very reliable and economical.

The Mitsubishi is probably a decent car but it doesn’t appeal to me as much.

The Mazda is a safer choice. Why? Because the Lancer RalliArt is an eleven year old performance car that everyone KNOWS is a performance car. Finding an '06 that hasn’t been extensively modified or at least hooned to within an inch of its life is very low. You don’t often see these being sold by the “little old lady who only drove it to the shops on Sunday.”

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Mazda 3.

The Ralliart was a joke. Poor-man’s Evo my foot - stock Lancer suspension and a seriously downgraded turbo made for a car that can’t keep up with my old-man-car Acura. And that’s the problem. It’s not a performance car, but it pretends to be one, which makes it very attractive to kids and 20 year olds who will beat the snot out of it trying to race V6 Mustangs at stoplights.

Not sure I understand what the OP is thinking. These are 11 year old vehicles and not really that powerful. Wonder what they are driving now.

This is fine for a hobby car, but usually a disaster as a daily driver. Anything with big power that’s old enough to be lower in price is likely to need routine repairs.

And, when you factor-in the reality that Mitsubishi is currently circling the drain in The US, with incredibly low sales numbers for their outdated, outclassed new cars, the probability of ongoing technological support/parts availability from that company is not a strong likelihood.

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M3 would be my choice of the two options