Mazda 3 hatch or civic Si coupe



Any experience with the 2 cars, reliability, fun, safety, economy


Both are very sturdy and reliable machines. However. I would be reluctant to buy one used, unless I knew who had driven it.

Most of these sporty coupes are bought by younng people on a budget; after making the payments and buying “refreshments” there is usually no money left over for maintenance. In addition, the driving style of young people is “spirited” to say the least.

If you decide to buy a used one check it out very carefully!


There are also less pricey options with much longer warranties.

Unless you were going MazdaSPEED 3, the Si will be more fun/sporty.


I disagree. Mazda3 is significantly more fun due to a nice 2.5L engine in everyday driving. SI is wonderful for track and if you like holding your tach at high RPM.

That being said take each in traffic and normal driving and then decide.


The Mazda 3 hatch will probably be better of the 2 for utility and perhaps the fun factor as well, but “fun” is a relative term. Honda is known for reliability, but tend to be boring rides.


Honda’s are known for quirky maintenance requirements and expensive repairs. On close examination, they are no more reliable than many other cars, including the more tolerant Mazda 3…