Is a Mitsubishi Lancer more reliable than a Mazda 3?

I am thinking I might change my newly bought 2010 Mazda3i 142k miles to 2011 Lancer ES 128k miles. I need to put a set of tires so instead of spending 450$, I want to sell it, also I feel like the steering wheel is just way too loose and the suspension too and it might break soon but maybe because I am comparing it to a Civic so maybe it is normal. Is it a bad idea? I just want a reliable car that will last me like 2 years at least with no major repairs. Both cars don’t have any issues when checked by a mechanic. The lancer has CVT so that is my only concern. Is it really that bad if I change fluid often?

Probably better off putting some money into the Mazda in my opinion, the Lancer is more of an unknown to me that it could go either way. Co-worker has an older Mazda3 with 230,000 miles that’s only required a starter in the last couple years other than the normal wear items, I’d get a second opinion on the Mazda and just keep going. Unless you just really feel like you’d rather have the Mitsubishi.


Mazda has a better reliability reputation than Mitsubishi but both are used cars so condition is king. You feel the sreering and suspension are too loose. They probably are then. Get it checked out by a trusted mechanic before you do anything rash. You are going to change cars because of a $450 tire bill, don’t you have any sales tax in your state?


Yeah 7.75%$, but I figured it might be better than replacing all the shocks and struts and whatever is causing loose steering in less than a year. Just a guess but that is why I am here asking. Also, I bought the Mazda private party so I only paid like 50$ for taxes and title transfer etc.

At least you get new shocks etc for you money. What do you get for sales tax. It probably won’t cost you much if anything to get an estimate for what you need.


Well, I get a good suspension for at least 20k miles which is what I need until I sell it. Not planning to keep it for long since the owner said everything is original, seems like a gamble. If I decide to replace shocks and struts it cost around 1300 + 450$ for the tires. I rather buy something with less mileage in a few years when prices go back to normal. My plan was to buy the Mitsubishi and pay 500-600$ in taxes and dealership fees but avoid 450$ guaranteed and 1300$ possible fixes unless I end up needing to fix something on the Mitsubishi that I wouldn’t have on the Mazda because it isn’t as reliable as the Mazda. That is my thought process.

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The Lancer could have problems too.

Mitsubishi left the US car market several years ago, so parts could be hard to find.

I’d stick with the Mazda. It’s generally better to keep and fix the car you have.

You talking about car parts gave me an idea. I checked certain repairs like water pump, serpentine belt, shocks, etc., both labor and parts are more expensive on Mitsubishi so it looks like mazda3 is also cheaper to maintain. I guess I will stick with my mazda3 for now.

Actually, they haven’t left the US marketplace, but their sales figures are so low that it could easily lead one to assume that they are gone. Their dealer base has shrunken considerably, and the “newest” Mitsubishi is just a Nissan in disguise.

I stand corrected on Mitsubishi.

But I’d still keep the Mazda.

You might have been thinking of Suzuki, or maybe even Isuzu. Yes, Isuzu trucks are still sold here, but their cars have been gone for many years.