Acura RSX or Mazda 3?



I am currently looking at purchasing an 06 Mazda 3s with 33k miles listed at $11-12k. It has a 6 disc changer, sport exhaust, stick tranny, cold air intake, and moonroof (sunroof?). My current ride is an 02 Acura RSX paid off with 103k miles, leather, new sport tires, auto tranny, moonroof, and mostly stock everything else. Which would be the better car to pick? The insurance on the Mazda is actually slightly lower although insurance where I live is still ridiculous. I’ve been looking to find a vehicle with a manual transmission and my gf has a Mazda 3 already and I really like it. Help me decide which to pick. Thanks!


I think your Acura is a good car, I’m not that big a fan of the 06 Mazda 6. Perhaps you can trade for an Acura with a stick shift. 103K miles on an Acura isn’t that much, it has a lot of life in it.


I’d keep the RSX. You can get another 100,000 miles out of it with proper maintenance. You would only get half of the Mazda 3s price if you sell the RSX; less if it’s a trade-in. If you commute with this car, the stick will get old quickly. It certainly did for me.


You have a great car in great shape with zero problems that’s paid for and you’re considering trading it for a used car with the associated risks? And higher insurance to boot? What, my friend, can you possibly be thinking?

Keep the Acura.


The Mazda 3s are good cars, but then again so is the RSX. If you are really set on getting a stick then you may as well check out the Civic Si and WRX in that price range as well.

Like others said, sounds like you have a nice ride as it is, why do you really want to get rid of it?


You appear to have a good car now, and I would be very leery of buying a used sporty car, unless I knew the owner very well and had a complete maintenance record with it.

Your Acura is good for another 5 years at least.


I’d pass on the 3, it’s been modified by the previous owner and likely abused.


As a followup it sounds like almost everyone agrees that the RSX in my garage is better than the Mazda in someone else’s, lol. One of the reasons I was looking at Mazda3’s is because it is bigger (4 Door sedan vs 2 Door coupe) and is a stickshift. I don’t really need the perks of the 6-disc changer, sport exhaust, or better air intake but I was told these were factory options for this vehicle. I currently do not need a bigger car I suppose as I can bum rides off of my friends when we go places but I really enjoy driving so I always offer to drive. Does anyone have another suggestion for a 4 door stickshift like a civic possibly?


It’d help to know your budget so we can make our suggestions


Budget for now is 12k or less. I would consider something slightly more than that but only if it is 2 yrs old or less and 20k miles or less.


If I had a '02 Acura in good conditiion with automatic, I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING with a “stick” transmission. Are you just wanting to excercise your left leg?


I suppose I am thinking it is more fun to drive a stickshift. I had my first experience driving a stickshift car not too long ago and enjoyed it a lot. I had a motorcycle previously as well but I do not really trust myself with one in the city I am living in now.


“the RSX in my garage is better than the Mazda in someone else’s”

Excellently stated. I wish I’d thought of saying it that way.

Enjoy your RSX.