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Miata = midlife crisis?

Is a Mazda Miata in the hands of middle-aged or older [60 is the new 40] male driver prima facie evidence of a midlife crisis, as Tom & Ray implied on 4-17?

I have a '94 Miata and it’s hands-down the most reliable and economical car I’ve ever owned – 30+ mpg around town and mechanically bullet-proof. The only things I’ve ever had to replace on this 16-year-old vehicle were a water pump and a clutch slave cylinder. It’s a geat commuter car, and always pleasant to drive. And in terms of styling, it never gets old.

If this were a new purchase for which you sold you Buick, and your grandkids are left on the curb for lack of space, waving “wait for us”…
Then, yes, midlife crisis.

My HOBBY transportation was in my 20s when I co-owned a Cessna 172. It got too expensive so I stopped.
Others have hobby transportation from motorcycles to dune buggies to classic cars or boats.

Mid life crisis or empty nest ?
Many retirees sieze the moment, when the house AND schedule are empty, to do something they really enjoy while they still can.

Boy, do you dream small. I suppose, if you really want it to be your mid-life crisis, that’s OK. But mine is more like a new Corvette ZR1. The Man of One Thousand Speeding Tickets (Colin Powell) says that a base Corvette is too fast for an old fart, and that a ZR-1 is Stupid Fast. Hey, it’s a crisis and requires drastic measures!

BTW, a Miata is usually considered a girlie-car. Is your feminine side showing? :wink:

If the Miata has an automatic transmission, I am seriously worried!!

My middle name is Arrested Development (I’m 60) so my feeling is your age shouldn’t be a factor in the car you own and drive. As long as you like it, to heck with the neighbors and the world.

My suggestion would be to drive it until it won’t go any more and then acquire something with more grunt; a Corvette or Roush Mustang maybe.

If I fit in a Miata, I’d be driving one. And I bet you’re having more fun driving the Miata hard than you would driving a Corvette, etc, at 50%.

It could mean that you have more sense than to pay for a Corvette or a $50,000 souped up Honda.

A. I would NEVER own a Buick.
B. I don’t like aggressive cars (or people – or countries).
C. I’ve always preferred small cars. (I detest big SUVs.) When I was in my 20s, I had a succession of three VW Bugs, in which I drove far and wide in this the country and also around Europe. Those were great times.

I couldn’t disagree more with you here JTS…I don’t own a Miata, and I have NEVER considered it to be a girlie car. As texases also says, if I fit in one, I would be driving one. However, at 6feet 5inches that top would have to be down 100% of the time to accomodate me :slight_smile:

A Miata CAN be a girlie car . . . but you can turn it macho pretty fast. Wheels, tires, body kit, small block ford . . . the Miata is the perfect sleeper. Rocketman