Mazda 323 Nighttime Illumination


I am intersted to purchase Mazda 323, thought it’s probably one of the best cars with performance for $16K. But, I can not stand “piercing red nighttime illumination” - what’s chance I can change the illumination by change lightbulb? Or any other “Home remedies” I can modify illumination?


You might be able to pull the instrument cluster and change some colored material between the bulbs and you. It might be the bulb color too. I would go to a Mazda or 323 board if no one here knows.


Agree. Many car owners have been able to change their instrument panel illumination. The method is a bit different for each model. Check on one of the Mazda specialty forums.


While the red illumination is a bit unorthodox for a car, the use of red for illumination actually has quite a bit of science behind it. On submarines, the interior illumination is typically red if there is any chance of having to surface at night. The reason for this is that red illumination is actually more natural to the retina than illumination of any other color. As a result, the eye can adjust from the red illumination to the dark of night much more readily, thus aiding your night vision after peering at your instrument panel.

In addition to US submarines, this was also done on the Studebaker Avanti, for the exact same reason.

So, although it may seem alien to you right now, after driving at night with that type of illumination, you will be very glad that it is red, and not the usual blue, or green, or…


can you dim the lights?


Red doesn’t disrupt your night vision, so you’ll actually be able to see better at night with red instrument panel lighting. Astronomers the world over swear by red flashlights - indeed, they get very upset when someone shows up with a white flashlight and ruins their night vision they obtained over the previous hours.

I would love to have red interior lights… you’re lucky as far as I’m concerned.


Thank you all for advice to ease my feeling about nighttime illumination, I am going to pick up one with manual transmission before February 28 to get their $500 manufacture coupon!