Dashboard cluster lights

Howdy, rather new to working on cars just got a manual 2002 mustang over the summer and one of the bulbs went out in my dash cluster so I wanna replace it but instead of the green light I want red, where would I get that stuff to change it, also wanna switch to LED

This Forum and others get lots of posts from people who have changed to LED lights on vehicles that did not come with them and have had electrical problems . You might not want to do that .

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You will have to pull the cluster to see if the green color comes from a cover on the indiviual bulbs or is part of the built-in light diffuser.

A reputable site for LED bulbs that I have bought from is SuperBrightLEDs.com. You should be aware that you might have trouble dimming the bulbs properly with LEDs. Although LEDs can be dimmable, they don’t respond the same as incandescent bulbs with dimmer circuitry not designed for them.


The first thing you must learn is, don’t try to out-engineer what the engineers who spent millions of dollars in research and development did to design your car.

A lot of people try to do this, and all they end up with is big problems.


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What do I do if it’s from the cover itself is there a cover that isn’t green?

The cover ( if you mean the clear plexiglas in front of the gauges ) probably nothing . If you really want this and it sounds like you might not be able to do it yourself contact a few custom shops near you and see if they can do this.

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Keep in mind… it is green for a reason.

Red is a warning, green is a signal, like a turn signal. You don’t want to train your mind to think seeing red lights are a GOOD thing. Red lights on a dash are BAD things. Yellow is a warning, blue is informational, green is OK.

Don’t screw that up.


Why are there so many negative replies when someone wants to “customize” their vehicle?
GM engineers think that the AM radio with one speaker is all you need in your 66 Impala, so never yank it out and install a newer system?!
Tommy, yes you can change the backlights in your dash to LED in whatever color you want. Go on Youtube and look up the process, and buy some LED lights from Amazon. Make the car what you want. Be careful to learn how to solder and what to watch out for. Have fun learning.
Do it right and check your work along the way and you will have a lasting modification.

The myth that all modifications will harm your car or cause problems is not true.
The myth that keeping your car all stock and you will be trouble free is also, not true.

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One of our cars is red lights on the dash.

I don’t think anyone here made either statement . Mostly the idea is to warn people that some altercations might not be wise . It should also be a warning to those who really have no idea what they are doing . The point being you should walk before you run type of work.

The vehicle custom shows just gloss over the diffculty and cost of a lot of modifications.

Doing what?

Here you go! Lights on steering wheel red also!

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Both of the above statements are technically true, but they could mislead a newbie diy’er, such as the OP. In general, maintaining the vehicle in it’s original configuration will be easier & produce better results, compared to the same for a vehicle that has been subjected to owner-designed modifications. Not always the case of course, I certainly have made my own owner modifications to my vehicles from time to time; but in retrospect, for most of those, I would have been better off in the long run just to maintain the original configuration.

For example, changing to a different a bulb. The new bulb must fit within the circuit’s and socket’s size & power constraints, consuming neither too much power, nor too little power.

Red does affect your night vision less… but this is overall lighting. I was thinking the OP wanted to change individual signal light colors.

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Waiting for clarification I guess!

No no I just wanted to change the color of the covers like the radio numbers, the gauges, and the ac controls, not the signals or anything