Dashboard color

Is it possible to change the color of my dashboard lights from red to either white or a brighter color like the blue on vw`s. The red is somestimes hard to see even with the brightness turned all the way up.

I know on some vehicles they offer different filters for the bulbs that will change the color of your dash lights. Also, late model Mustangs allow you to select the color of your dash lights with the push of a button. Those cars use color-changing LED’s to do that, though. You might try a quick Internet search for kits to change your dash lighting. Somebody has probably done it.

Unless your car came with the colored LEDs already installed, you will have to replace the instrument panel to do this, which could cost big bucks.

On my Toyota pickup the instrument cluster bulbs were coated to make the lighting green, and the color could indeed be changed by buying “mood bulbs”. Changing them required removal of the instrument cluster, as the bulbs were recessed into the back of the cluster.

A Haynes manual may show you how to remove the cluster, or the dealer’s parts shop might be willing to pring an “exploded view” drawin gof the cluster instalation.

Dash bulbs can be changed, and mood bulbs can be purchased. Whether it’s worth the labor is a personal decision.