Mazda 2009 Intake Manifold

Does anyone other than a dealer sell a 2009 mazda cx7 intake manifold?

Do you mean the entire Manifold or just the gasket? If it’s the gasket Rock Auto has options: 2009 MAZDA CX-7 2.3L L4 Turbocharged Intake Manifold Gasket | RockAuto

… and if its the entire manifold, a junkyard/auto recycler should be able to locate one for you.

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I think the intake manifold is plastic. One from a salvage yard might not be as good as it should be . If the dealer has a new one that is the way I would go so I did not have to do this again for a long time.


That is a good point.

If it is made of plastic, it may explain my having to replace. Didn’t they used to be made of cast iron?

I ordered one from the dealer at $1400.
$571 for the labor at my mechanic.

Cast iron? No. Intake manifolds used to be made of aluminum until very recently. The exhaust manifold is, of course, made of cast iron due to the high exhaust temperatures.

You are going to kick yourself if this is the very same manifold you just paid $1400 for…

New, $507 off Ebay. Took me less than 5 minutes to web search.

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Web search , what a concept.


Prior to aluminum, the did make them out of cast iron. Not that it matters. Just some trivial info for your consideration. :nerd_face:


What’s wrong with manifold? Tech says what?

Won’t be kicking myself.

This part is not compatible with this 2009 Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring Sport Utility 4-Door 2.3L 2260CC l4 GAS DOHC Turbocharged.

Interesting that it took your 3rd post to tell us the actual engine of the manifold you were asking about. Wouldn’t you think that should be in the first post?

I found a used one, in aluminum, that says it fits your CX7 for $140


thanks for your help.

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The intake manifold on my 70’s truck is cast iron. On my 90’s Corolla, aluminum. Much of the reason for this progression towards plastic is to reduce the weight of the vehicle, to increase mpg ratings. An interesting tidbit, the truck’s intake manifold has the engine’s firing order embossed.

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Another reason for iron or aluminum intake manifold on older engines was to conduct heat to the carburetor.