Intake manifold swap

What vehicle can I take from or Where can I get a metal intake manifold to replace the crappy plastic one on my 2007 corolla s 1.8l?

Best bet is to try Google or a Camry Forum. are you sure someone makes one?

That one lasted 13 years. Why not just replace it? How long do you expect to own this car?

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The “crappy plastic” one on my 2006 has a quarter million miles on it and has had no issues. Sorry for your plight. Good luck.

The 1zz-fe engine in your Corolla used a metal manifold before 2003.
This is also before variable valve timing, and that manifold will be a step down in performance.
Then there’s the manifold for the 2zz-ge engine used in the Corolla and Matrix XRs.

That will fit to the head, but you’ll need an adapter for the throttle body.
Good luck finding one of those.

Your best bet is to contact the network of junkyards and get another plastic manifold.

Modern plastics are up to this job, if well made.
Doesn’t see a lot of heat, little stress, no pressure.
Question is, what made yours fail?