1999 mercury grand marquis-gs

intake manifold replaced 2 yr. ago. with crack in it. needs replacement again. the part is plastic. is there an aluminum one? cost to fix is $1000.00.

Why buy new when used will do? A salvage yard can be your best friend in these matters. If you want to go with new…Autozone has a direct replacement Dorman intake manifold with a reinforced aluminum crossover for around $250.

I think Ford had quite a bit of problems with this issue. There may have been a recall on these plastic intake manifolds, don’t know for sure. Don’t know if it would be of any value to you since your car is 12 years old, but it might be worth it to take a drive over to the Ford dealer and ask their shop if they can do something to help you out. At the very least Google “Ford plastic intake manifold problem” and see what it says. Best of luck.

The replacement manifold should have lasted forever not just 2 years…The replacement manifolds had metal thermostat housings and crossovers that are immune to cracking…The Dorman manifolds are trouble-free…

Gosh, it’s been years since I’ve had a 4.6 intake manifold job in the shop. I thought they were all replaced by now. They were a bread-and-butter item for a few years, Ford had a recall on them for a while, but that time is long since past.

Like @Caddyman said, the new replacement manifolds are all aluminum, not with plastic coolant passages like the original. Is it possible your replacement manifold was a used one that was still plastic?

The Dorman units are still plastic, with an aluminum crossover.

Here is the part for OP’s car.

I misspoke…what I meant to say was the replacement manifolds have all aluminum coolant passages.