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Intake manifold 2009 Cadillac STS v8

Our car has been at the service center for over a month! GM has not made any intake manifolds for our engine. Is there someone I can call to yell at!, I am really angry. Don’t they have to have parts for 8 years? Help!

Have you contacted GM’s Customer Service people at the corporate level?
They are usually very accommodating to owners of Cadillacs.
Contact info (including the toll-free phone number) can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Yes they will not help you with a part issue. Thanks

Can you tell whether you have the 4.4 or 4.6 V8 and what is wrong that requires replacement of the actual manifold?

I will express ignorance and assume GM stocks intakes for 09 cars. I bet you can buy a new long block from GM, but perhaps they assume you will reuse your old intake? Darn.

Tell us the v.i.n. and I’ll check with my GM guys to get the whole story.
plus, just like asemaster, I’m curious why they think it needs and entire manifold.
Which v8 is it ? 4.4l dohc turbo or 4.6l ?

The normally aspirated 4.6 northstar uses a plastic intake. The supercharged model has an aluminum casting for integrated inter-cooler. Much more sophisticated and expensive. Would not surprise me if you were forced to buy entire supercharger assy to fix SC intake issues. Maybe the blower bearings are bad or intake is scored? but than we are leaping to wild assumptions here.