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Marriage, Alaskan and Otherwise

In this week’s show, Tom made a point about people in Alaska not getting married. He said the callers invariably talked about their boyfriends or girlfriends, rather than spouses, and asked the caller if anybody in Alaska gets married. He then postulated that perhaps there was a fear of commitment.

It’s ironic to me that Tom would be so interested in this topic since, as most listeners know, Tommie has been married, what, maybe 27 times? Is it that he believes so strongly in commitment and the institution of marriage that he feels everyone should do it early and often? Or is it that he feels suckered into it and just wants everyone else to suffer a similar fate?

Of course, since all the current shows seem to be cobbled together from clips of old shows, it’s entirely possible that these comments were originally made when Tommie was still enjoying his first marriage. I think the caller mentioned that she had a brand new 1967 Chevelle - the one with the cotton brake pads - so maybe this whole marriage discussion is out of date as well.

It’s a JOKE…They make comments like that all the time.

Maybe Tommy believes, as I do, that the 27th time is a charm!