Manual Window Hard 2 Roll Down



I have a 1987 Mazda B2000 that was handed down to me. A couple questions…the dome light doesn’t work and I have checked the fuse and the bulb, anything else 2 check? Also, the windows are manual and are hard to roll down, what needs to be checked? loosened? greased?


have you actually swapped any fuses? although they may look OK, they still may be blown.

the door switch may be the fault.

the windows may need some track lube, or the regulators may need lube. spray silicone on the front and back window channels, and silicone based grease on the regulator gears, joints, and hinges.


I didn’t think about the door switch. I haven’t taken the door panel off yet, but I will check out the track when I finally do. Thanx for the help.