Faulty dome light switch

I bought a 2000 Mazda B4000 and it has a common problem: faulty switch in door panel causes dome light to stay on. I usually pull the fuse out, but that also controls the power windows. Question: can I just pull out the 2 dome light bulbs, or will power still be directed there and drain my battery? Thanks.

Isn’t there a switch on the dome light that allows you to turn off the dome light?


There’s a switch with three settings, but the lights stay on regardless of which position I move it to. So until I get the faulty switch fixed (I think it’s in the door panel) I’ve been removing the fuse when I drive the truck. But since it also controls the power windows, I’d rather just remove the bulbs…unless there’s a constant current draw which will drain the battery.

If the bulbs are removed, that’ll open the circuit so no power will be drawn off the battery.


OK to remove the bulb and save it for later when you replace the switch.
The switch is on the door latch accessable through the inside of the door.
If you know where the tip of it is from the outside, it can be sprayed with a cleaner or lube.

You can get those switches at a Ford dealer also.
B4000 = Ranger

Apparently it’s a common problem with Ford and Mazda trucks. I can do without dome lights, but pulling and replacing the fuse each time was a hassle. Thanks for the advice.

And thanks to you as well for the advice. I was thinking that’s what I get for buying a 9 yr. old truck with 98K miles, but a quick Google search indicates many model years have it.

Before you pull the bulbs, try spraying CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner (or WD-40 in a pinch) into the door latches to clean the switch contacts. This did the trick with my wife’s 98 Windstar.

Ed B.