Manual transmission transmission issues


I own an 2003 audi tt quattro and recently I was coming to a stop and shifted into first gear and heard a weird noise( I think). But when I tried to leave the stop sign in first gear my car wasnt moving at all so i had an Oh No moment and shifted into neutral and turned my car off. When I turned my car back on I let go of the clutch with my car still in neutral and my car stalled out and it keeps stalling in neutral( I think this is because the computer knows something’s wrong and keeps turning the car off but I dont know) . If I keep the clutch down then my car idles perfectly fine and it was also shifting into all the gears way too easily. When the car was in neutral and turned off, I could still move the car so I did that to get it off the road. When I got back in the gear lever was very hard to move around and wouldn’t even go into neutral. Later when I got the car towed since it was moving I tried again at my house and if I let of the clutch slowly in gear it still feels as if it is going to stall out; so what could be the problem? I think it could be either a CV shaft, the clutch or the transmission let me know if any of you have had any of these problems or symptoms before thanks!

If you can’t move the shift lever with the engine off, the problem is with the transmission.


I just went and checked. With the car off I can switch into all the gears with the clutch pulled in so I tried it with the car turned on and I can still go into all the gears. It feels much easier to do than before except for reverse which feels different

Maybe the transmission is near out of oil and a mainshaft bearing seized. I’ve seen this a few times although never on an Audi. However, the principles behind a manual transmission are the same no matter the make.

I saw this happen on a rebuilt Subaru manual transmission once. After the rebuild someone installed the wrong dipstick. They used an automatic trans stick instead of a manual. The auto stick was longer and would show FULL even though the gear oil was about 1.5 quarts down.
It took me several days of thinking to figure that one out…

The car would run 4-500 miles and then seize the mainshaft bearings due to lack of oil. The transmission would lock up and the car would not move.

I think the shift linkage broke and you are between gears and this is why it seems to want to die as you let the clutch out.