Manual transmission stuck in nuetral

My car is a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLI, I was on my way somewhere when slowing down i put my car in neutral and began braking. Going faster than i thought i shifted into first gear at about 40mph. At that moment i felt rattling in both the gear stick and the clutch pedal, i tried to shift again in case it was just a hiccup and my gear stick was stuck in neutral, i couldn’t switch into any gears.
Now when my car is off is the only time i can move the gear stick into the gear slots. And i also lost alot of pressure in the clutch pedal but it does not stick to the floor it returns to normal position after a moment or so.
can anyone give me an idea of whats wrong. Thanks


Your clutch cable has failed. It will have to be towed to someone who can fix it for you.

Sorry, and good luck.


The clutch in your vehicle doesn’t utilize a clutch cable. Instead it’s a hydraulic clutch.

The first thing to check is the brake fluid level. The brake fluid reservior has a hose that supplies the clutch master cylinder with fluid. If the brake fluid gets low the clutch master cylinder can be starved of fluid. If the brake fluid level is fine then most likely the clutch master cylinder has an internal leak and is no longer developing hydraulic pressure to operate the clutch. That’s why the clutch pedal goes to the floor, and why you can’t shift into any gear when the engine is running. But if the engine is not running you can shift into any gear.


Perhaps when you shifted to 1st gear @ 40 mph, you may have over-reved your clutch disc and things attached to it were flung from their proper place, hence the rattling. That can keep the clutch from releasing completely.

Some have a cable.

Open your hood, and look down, just to the left of the battery. The transmission is down there, and you’ll see the black cable in the front of it. It has white plastic looking end on it, and the little metal cable inside goes to your clutch level.

If you look next to your brakes (where you put the brake fluid in), and have another little brake looking thing, then you have the hydraulic version.

I’m going with Chunky…When you shifted to 1st gear at 40mph, the clutch disk probably flew apart and it will no longer release…That was a $1000 mistake…