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Make my Rav4 STOP BEEPING AT ME when the driverside doors open and the engine's off, please

Is there a way to make my 2009 Toyota Rav4 stop beeping at me when my driver door is open and the engine is off. Often I want to sit in my front seat with the door open while I get stuff together in my vehicle, and the car continuously beeps. It’s awfully annoying to me, and I suspect other living things in the surrounding area. Toyota service people have told me that I cannot disable it because it is connected to other things. However, Isn’t there a way to silence the exact point where the sound is coming from?

Does it stop if you take the key partway out of the ignition?

Follow the sound, locate the beeper, and disconnect the wiring to it.

No more beep.

Or pull the ignition key. Doesn’t that stop the beeping?

I found this about the Rav4 door open chime with key in the ignition: Find the chime under the dash and unplug the connector.

It’s a “smart key” system; meaning there are sensors in the doors and when the key is in certain vicinity to the sensors, I push an ignition button and the car starts. Thank you for your advice; I will consider all options, look at the vehicle, and ask a professional before I pull any wires that could disrupt other connecting systems (as that is what the toyota service people said would happen - they said: “If we turn that sound off, it’s connected to other things that you need that will also turn off…” Thanks again!

Just be glad it is not a tercel where the car thinks someone is trying to steal it and sets off the horn in a constant beep. The way to solve that one by the way is to get out, lock and then unlock the drivers door. What will they come up with next?

I am going to the toyota dealership tomorrow as after calling multiple service centers, I convinced the local dealership they should be able to customize something involving the smart key system and the beeping. The local dealership said they may be able to “lower the volume” of the beeping but not silence it. I will let anyone know who is interested how things go…Thank you for all your replies.

Went to dealership. They were only able to turn the driver’s door-open beeping off when my car is off and the car has to be turned off before the driver’s door is open; meaning if I open the door with the car on and then turn the car off, the beeping will continue. However, if I turn the car off with all doors closed, and open the driver’s door there is now no beeping (like before I visited the dealership). The dealership was unable to turn the beeping off if the car is partially on, and the door is open, or the seatbelts are off, or there is something heavy on my passenger seat triggering the beeping. Good luck!

crrev743: I have the same problem with my RAV4 and its driving me nuts. Did you ever get this fixed at the dealership?