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2018 Altima on in garage (Parking structure) all day

So I am usually pretty good about hitting the push button to turn my car off. But today for some reason it didn’t yell (Beep) at me for not turning of the ignition. It was on for 6+ hours. Didn’t throw any codes and oil level is within specs still so I know it didn’t hurt it too much. I can just barley hear it when it is on like I could my old cars and didn’t realize it was on still.

Is there a way to make the car beep if you open the driver door with the car in park and ignition on or similar to prevent this. I wasted a lot of gas.
Alternatively is there a way to make the car shutoff when in park if no key has been detected for over 5 min or similar?

Figuring this out may mean a deep dive into the owners manual.


That was my next step just trying to get some starting points I am in the manual as we speak (type?)

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This is what the owners manual says on the topic if I am not mistaken then it should have beeped at me and it didn’t. Going to do a deeper dive

Most cars these days beep if the door is opened w/the key remaining in the ignition. There’s usually a switch the computer monitors for the door open/close, and another switch for the key in/out. It’s possible your door switch or key switch isn’t working correctly.

It is very likely still under warranty. If the beep disappeared it may be a failure covered by the warranty.

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I have known a couple of people that have accidentally left the car running with a push button on off. No worries.

Unless it’s an attached garage, which could be deadly.


Please be certain that you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house. If this happens again, they could save your life.


There’s a couple of potential problems with unknowingly leaving a car idling for long periods. The engine burns all the oxygen in an enclosed space, or a faulty cooling system causes overheating w/resultant engine damage.

There is no way to do what you ask, but my wife’s Hyundai flashes a message on the instrument panel and dings at you if you open a door with the engine running. Doesn’t your car have a similar system?

In the manual it says it should but it only dings at me if I turn off with door open as stated see picture in my earlier reply. I am going to take to dealership to see if it is warranty issue

Even if it’s not warranty issue, pay to get it fixed. You are lucky you didn’t kill yourself and everyone in your house.

It was not a house I have amended the topic title. It was a large outdoor parking garage

Then you were lucky.

I have amended the title this was in a large outdoor parking structure

Sounds like it is time for a repeatable routine - 1. Stop vehicle 2. Push start/start button 3. Undue seat belt 4. Now open drivers door .

Never mind. Correction though, the Acura will beep if you have the fob in your pocket and walk away from a running car. The Pontiac though I don’t think does anything when you open the door of a running car.

This new car dings at so many things, Caution roads might be icy etc. 2nd previous car so many dings I backed into a bollard, no rear view camera but every time I started the car so many dings wtf ignore them I said. No damage. Sometimes too much information is too much information. And I have a hard time seeing the backup camera with my long distance only glasses, or if the sun is shining on it. Wife is like if it is in the red it has no dings, but you can see that, does not work for every one all the time.

2012 Altima I used to own would make a long series of beeps if you walk away from a running car with a keyfob in your pocket.
I would imagine newer edition would do it too.
Once I had an incident where push-to-start system computer misbehaved and it did not want to turn the car off… and I’ve just recently filled all 20 gallons on the tank, so it would be a really long wait before it dies “for natural reasons”, furtunately dealer was 5 miles down the road and they both reset the system and applied some TSB patch under warranty, so it never did that again.