Maintenance Required light

At 5,000 the MAINTENANCE REQUIRED light on my Tacoma came on. The good guys at Advanced Auto found out how I could turn it off. I do my own lube. Now at 15,000 it’s back on with the TIRE PRESSURE light which won’t reset. I forgot how. Any help?

Check your tire pressure for each wheel. You should find that one at least has lost pressure. The sensor should reset itself when each tire is inflated to the correct pressure. If a tire has lost pressure, it needs to be repaired. A slow leak is usually the result of a nail or screw or piece of glass that has gotten past the tread and penetrated the bottom of the tire.
If each tire is equally pressured (usually 35 lbs) then you might have a bad sensor.
This warning has nothing to do with the CEL that lit earlier. It is not even a big deal, except that you need to make sure that all four tires are properly inflated at all times. An under-inflated tire can be dangerous.
Just take the car in as it is if you are not at all mechanically inclined and ask that the tire with the lowest pressure gets repaired. If it is just a leaking tire tire it might cost you $20.

The tire light should go out after the air pressure is adjusted and some driving is done. Some toyota’s have a reset button on the trim panel under the steering wheel. To reset the oil maintenance light, keep you finger on the odometer reset button when you turn the key to position 2, a few dashes will appear, when all the dashs are gone, let go.

I don’t know the specific models difference, but heard a friend complain his light got kicked off by low pressure in the spare tire.

Thanks, The odo button worked for the maint. light. I checked the tire pressures and they’re good but still haven’t gotten the pressure light to turn off. I tried holding the reset for two min., then three, then four. Guess I’ll keep trying.

Did you check the pressure in the spare tire, as waterboy suggested?

My friend’s RAV had an illuminated TPMS light a couple of weeks ago, and he was frustrated because his tire pressure was actually a couple of lbs above the recommended pressure.

I took the cover off of his spare, and found that the spare was down to 22 lbs. of pressure A bit of air from my compressor to bring it up to 35 lbs, and a drive around the block caused the light to go off.