2009 Toyota Tacoma: low tire light won’t go out

Old tires had a slow leak. Low tire light came on when tire was low. Like every 3 months. So I got 4 brand new tire today. I got my truck and my low tire light stays on. No problems before new tires. I also notice that my Maint req light flashes twice when I start up the truck. But the maint light goes out after that. The light never did that before.

You need to check all 4 pressures to make sure they are correct. Don’t assume the tire place got them correct. Then you need to reset the TPMS for the location of the tires. Your owners manual will tell you how to do this. The internet says:

Turn the engine on, then press and hold the reset button. You’ll find it low and to the right of the steering wheel on the instrument panel.

Hold the button down until the TPMS indicator light in the instrument panel blinks slowly 3 three times.

Wait for several minutes with the engine running, to allow the system to record each tire’s pressure, then turn the engine off.

If the light comes on and blinks when you start the car, something may not be working properly, and you should take it to a Toyota dealership to be inspected.

It is possible that after 9 years the batteries in the TPMS sensors have gone bad. I’d also read what the owners manual has to say about the maintenance light as that my go out when the TPMS light is fixed.

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Some cars have a sensor in the spare tire, so check that one too.

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If the low tire pressure warning light was off when you brought the truck in to the tire store and it is on after they may have broken one of the sensors while mounting the tires.

The maintenance reminder will flash for a few seconds after start up after 4500 miles to warn you that maintenance is due in 500 miles or less.