2007 Toyota Tundra tire pressure light /maintenance required light

I drive a new-to-me '07 Tundra on the beach for the first time and needed to reduce tire pressure to ~ 20 PSI. When I re-filled the tires, the idiot light for low tire pressure remains on. The maintenance required light also blinks for 5 -7 seconds upon start up. This light never came on until I reduced tire pressure then filled the tires to 35 PSI
I am aware the low tire pressure light can be reset by a dealer. I really do not want to do this since I drive on the beach frequently for fishing. The timing of the Maint Req’d light leaves me with the thought the low tire pressure warning tripped the maint req’d signal since it tire pressure warning light was not reset.

So… 2 questions:
1- Can Joe Shade Tree re-set the low tire pressure without a large $$ investment?
2- Is the Maintenance Required warning light connected to the low tire pressure warning or is it a separate issue that just happened to pop up at the same time I reduced the tire perssure?

I had the tire pressure light stay on, on my 2005 Tundra. I found out the the spare tire has low pressure.

1- yes. And so can you. Read your owners’ manual.
2- No. The Maintenance Required light is telling you that you’re due for scheduled maintenance. It is a seperate system from the low pressure monitoring system.