Low tire pressure warning light


I have a 2005 toyota Highlander.80,000 miles. Had it balance rotate, two days later & the low tire pressure light came on. I check the tire pressure & it’s ok, 32 on all 4. Any suggest why? or is it related to the service? Thanks


I think this system works with battery operated sensors in the wheel rim. It may be the batteries getting weak. You may need a dealer’s take on this.


Bustedknucles my be absolutely right, but before you go to the dealer check the tire pressure on your spare. My sister in law has a RAV4 and it was the spare is the tire we had to fill up.


Did you hit the button on the dash to let the system know that the tire pressures were all good? Our 2005 Sienna has the button and if your tires have uneven pressures and then you fill them all up properly it sometimes trips the sensor. Punching the button clears it and lets the system know that all tires are properly inflated so it can reset itself.


thanks for the help, but I don’t believe my dash has buttons . just a light next to the odometerinside inside the plastic.


call the dealsership or go back to the place you had the balancing done. You may have a tire slightly off the rim, or they neglected to hit the reset button (under the steering wheel on the left or near there). Have them recheck the tire presure then reset the button. If they are going to charge you, try resetting yourself by holding the button down. If the light comes on again, it is worth the $ to check it out.


Check your owner’s manual. Is there some procedure to follow when rotating tires. Also, 32 PSI may be too low. Perhaps the shop lowered the pressure without telling you and/or your gauge isn’t accurate. I know 32 PSI will trigger the system in my Pacifica.


read the manual…reinitializing button at least on my 2005 RAV turn on ignition hold button low light blinks ? times and thats it…


The system uses the wheel speed sensors. Your owner’s manual will tell you that you have to reinitialize the system whenever you rotate the tires. Failure to do so will cause a low pressure light.

And yes, you do have to. I too have to with my Scion tC. I discovered that when I rotated my tires.