Magnets for gas engines

They sell a magnet for diesel engines to prevent bio problems with the fuel. know these work. Anyone have any luck with the mangnet that goes on the gas line of the car. It is said to change the atom structure og gas to make the car run better. Does it work or is it a scam

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Surely nobody would lie about a thing like this.

Scam, as are all other such devices about which similar claims are made.

Save your money.

The magnets are pure hooey, both on gas engines and diesel engines. However, since you are convinced they work on diesel fuel, I see no reason not to buy them for a gas engine too. Someone has to support the folks who make this bunk. Otherwise, they will turn to a life of crime since they don’t seem to be constrained by any sense of morals.

THey have been selling magnets like that for all kinds of engines since the 50’s, maybe longer. So far not one of them have experienced a failure do to the magnet, and not one of them benefited from the magnet. 100% SCAM

Put a magnet on the oil pan of the engine and trans to trap metal particles. That’s the only place a magnet might conceivably do some good.

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They sell them to put around your ankles and wrists to keep your arteries clear, cure cancer, remove warts, whatever…

Fuel isn’t magnetic. End of story.