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Value of gas saver devices installed

Can any mechanic out there judge and comment on whether installing a hydrogen generator system would be an asset or a scam?

Pure, complete scam, flies in the face of basic physics and chemistry. If it were so great, every company with cars and trucks would be buying them by the millions.

I have observed that Car Talk delets posts such as yours.

The Hydrogen posts have become very distracting and degrade the quality of this Forum.

Tough times and many want your money for free.

I have to respectfully disagree with Oldschool. I think we serve a valuable service by debunking these scams.

And this IS a scam. We’ve had numerous threads on this subject.

For the huckster who markets this type of nonsense, it is a definite asset.

For anyone foolish enough to waste money on this pseudoscience, it is a scam.

It’ll cause premature failure of your muffler bearings.

I’m sorry guys, I just couldn’t resist! It’s Friday!

Doesn’t it also have the potential to deplete your blinker fluid?

Only if you get A Round Tuit

I respect you and do not take offense,your point is well made.