Made a U-Turn a bit too tightly. Swiped the median

I own a 2014 Toyota Corolla.

On impact, my left rear wheel lifted up. But I also heard a brief, ~2 second, scraping noise. I am curious if that was the sound of friction by the underside of my vehicle making contact. Straight car meets curved edge of median.

Should I be too worried? Since I was accelerating from a complete stop at a red light, I know I wasn’t going very fast at all. Maybe around 10mph.

I pulled over and laid on my stomach to check the underside of my car. Nothing appeared loose or falling off. No punctures in the tire or abrasions.

Still, I know very little about cars except how to drive them. So, I am asking for peace of mind.


Bring the car to a shop to be inspected.

To make sure nothing is bent.


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Yep you need to get it checked.

A rear wheel curb hop at 10 MPH might damage a tire, unlikely to cause suspension damage.

The noise may have been from the rocker panel or under body plastics rubbing on the curb.

" So I know little about cars, except how to drive them."

Not sure if I agree with that whole statement. Also doubt that turning at 10 mph would wipe you out against a curb. Get it checked out, If you did grind something against the curb, you want to get some primer and pain on it.

I would suggest getting a 4 wheel alignment check. Ten MPH may not sound like much but with going on 3000 pounds of car applied there is certainly a possibility of something being bent.
Better to find out now rather than discover later tires are wearing out prematurely.

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Are you sure you know how to drive?