Madatory profiles


can we please have a profile criteria,ASE mstr tech MIN.,not all the B/S and misinformation on this site.


recommend no profile =no advice


Fortunately, you don’t get to make up the rules for using this board. If you want to make up rules, put up your own board! Car Talk is about entertainment, not actually fixing cars. This board sort of follows that path although occasionally a car might get fixed…


so it’s really a chat session??? something to do type thing.???/ not to help people just bust they’re b**ls and make an ass out of them(even though they ask real questions) wow thats GREAT.


CADDYMAN,well thats great,caddys are one of the biggest pieces of crap rollin,escalade=tahoe-post your profile please,love to see it


Most of the regulars here have been twisting wrenches a long time. Before you step on peoples toes, maybe you should clean up your own act instead of starting threads about rule-making…Trolls don’t last long here…


An ASE Certified TROLL…