"Luxury(esque)" fading dome light

Hello everyone, I drive a nice 2002 Accord LX. Its a wonderful car, but it seems to lack one little feature, that frankly surprises me, a fading dome light. It seems nearly every single car on the market now (and even older cars) have a dome light that turns on when the doors are unlocked via remote (or simply opening the doors), staying on for a prescribed amount of time (even after the doors are shut) then gently fading out upon starting. The upper scale EX model has this feature but none of the other trims do.

Sorry if the question (or my concern is trifling), but I would like to add that feature to my car I think it would be neat (plus it would be a major help in the dark!). Is there a specific control module that I can replace in the car to add it? Or is there an aftermarket module that I can purchase?

Thank you all so much for your help!


I’m surprised your car doesn’t have that. Even my 93 MR2 has it. Anyway, here ya go:


Nice find!

I aree! Nice find! It is really surprising that my car doesn’t have that feature, oh well though, it gives me a chance to experiment and see what I can do. I just sent them an email requesting more information since their website is suspiciously vague.