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2015 RAV4 xle front map light and center dome light "door" position light stays on even when doors are closed?

Hi, I’ve just bought a used 2015 RAV4 XLE fwd, I drove it home today and at night time, I usually like to have the dome light automatically turn on whenever the door opens, so I tried it on the RAV4 today but I notice it won’t turn off, even after several minutes. Both the front and center light behaves the same way, both won’t turn off after doors are closed, and I’ve set both to the center position which is the “door” position. The dashlight indicator works just fine, I’ve opened each door individually and the indicator turns on/off correctly. The dimmer knob is also set to low. I’ve also tried to lock the car and wait, but both light still stays on. I can turn off the light by switching both light to off but I was wondering if I could get the automatic turn-on function working again?

Thank you so much!

That sounds like something that would be in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have one surf over to the Toyota website, maybe you can download one there.

I’ve looked in the owner’s manual, it’s not much helpful. It only explain what each switch of the light is “suppose” to do, other than that, it doesn’t provide me with any solution.

Sounds like a bad dimmer switch to me. It can be tested with a voltmeter and pin out diagram.

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It could also be a be a bad door switch.


This would indicate that the door switches are okay. And the door ajar light would probably be illuminated on dash.

I think dimmer is fine though? because I turned it down and the dashboard light and touchscreen light dimmed

That conclusion makes sense, but still would not rule it out unless tested with meter. Another very unlikely answer could be that the switches on both done lights are defective. The one thing that can be done is to have a scanner hooked up. The body control module may tell the scanner that there is a signal that a door switch may be faulty as @texases suggested. Other than that I think diagrams and a volt meter may be the best way to get answers other than leaving the bulbs out.

AFAIK your overhead lights are supposed to stay on for a minute or so after you close the doors. They do in my Corolla. It sounds like whatever serves as a timer is bad so that the lights don’t turn off. Unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough to know where the timer is.

That timer is programmed into the Body Control Module.


I suspected as much. Too much to hope it would be a separate, inexpensive unit. <Sigh.> A couple of Rav4 forums suggested the delay might be programmable but that’s probably also too much to hope for as well.