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Low beams not working, only fog and high

I have a 2004 Honda Accord LX 2.4L. Randomly one day my low beams weren’t working, despite me just changing the bulbs. Checked out the bulbs and they were fine. I then checked the relays, which also looked normal but I went as far as replacing the whole fuse box after reading online it could be in the secured part of the fuse box. We replaced it and it didn’t help at all, same issue where the fog and high beams worked but not the low beams. I don’t want to blind people while driving but because my job gets out after dark, I have no choice but to drive with my brights on. I’ve already had people honk at me, try to drive me off the road, and block the road and try to start a physical fight. I really just want to get this fixed but I have no clue where to start!

Check the wiring. Do you get power at the low beam connectors? If not, get a wiring diagram and follow the wires back to see if there is a break somewhere.

Did the new bulbs ever work in this car? If not, they may be the wrong bulb #. Your owners manual will specify what works. If your Accord is like my Civic, it’s tricky and a hard reach to get the bulbs placed correctly. You want to be sure you’ve got the right ones.

If the low beams did work with these new bulbs, but then both quit at the same time, the multifunction switch that controls, among other things, high and low beam would be the next place to look.

Good luck and please let us know what you find.


Whenever you work on these kind of problems yourself you should have a factory service manual for the wiring to guide you on where to look for the problem. It seems you have already spent money on parts by just guessing where the problem is at, and are still no further ahead on solving the issue. Ebay is a good place to purchase and get manuals from. You should also invest in at least a test light probe so you can verify where power is getting to. Investing in a multi-meter is an even better choice and not a lot of extra cost. Armed with the right tools and knowledge it will make this a pretty simple fix. If I had to guess where the problem was at, I would start with the multi-switch for the lights.